Wines Under a Hundee

Though I love a great glass and have watched my share of documentaries about sommeliers, I am no wine expert. I know enough to enjoy Sideways and to find a great wine shop. I learned this last lesson in my early days of shopping for gifts. Will and I were in the cellar of our favorite wine store in Denver (, btw), looking for a nice bottle for a friend’s celebration. We overheard a nearby customer asking for a $450 bottle of Bordeaux. wine-1164591-639x433The store stocked the requested bottles but the manager was encouraging the buyer to look at a wine a fifth of the cost. The manager’s point was that the pricey, well-known label was charging for the name recognition but the lesser known wine was more interesting and at least as good.

I love the lesson that keeping the customer’s interests at the center of your business is more important than selling the most expensive products. In homebuilding, as in life, some products are worth the investment. SubZero makes a fantastic refrigerator. Asko dishwashers are quiet and efficient. Clark Hall Doors are beautiful. But depending on your priorities, less expensive options for all selections are easy (and fun) to find. Like a great wine, your home should age well and be a solid investment. Our goal is to help you cultivate that investment by making the best decisions throughout the process. Your home should a beautiful composition of carefully selected elements that might well equate to that $90 wine surpassing the best vintage of the most sought-after chateaux.