The Tenet of Transparency

By the time I started dating Will in 1994, he and I were pretty clear about what we valued in those we hold dear. Chief among those values were honesty and transparency. Those first few weeks were full of “So, I ought to tell you…” conversations. We quickly learned we trusted each other and could move forward knowing that transparency would be a cornerstone of our marriage.

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Our business is like most. Our profit margins vary depending on projects, timing, and market. It is easy to feel protective of information about margins, fearing customers will perceive them negatively and that contractors and competitors will judge them. However, we also know our product is a unique purchase for most of our buyers. When people are buying a home, not only are they making a large financial investment, they are investing in the lives they are creating for their families. We work hard to build exceptional homes for those lives. By being transparent with our numbers, we can actively demonstrate that hard work.

We want those doing business with us to know we are an open book. To that end, we promise to share all of the information a buyer seeks: transparent budgets that include our fees, thorough walk-throughs during all stages of construction, and candid and respectful input about design and selection choices. We want buyers to move forward knowing that transparency will build trust and joy in their new home.