Tips from the Trade Show

60,000 of us descended on the Orange County Convention center earlier this month to see what is new in home construction, design, planning, and financing. It was dizzying in its breadth. As I flew home on Friday, mentally sorting all I saw during the miles of walking in the wrong shoes amongst the displays and demonstrations, I landed on one real certainty. Building a custom home allows the owner to reflect not only the basic needs of their lives but provides an opportunity to relay core values and priorities.

15940915_608611219339334_1314703349137074137_n-editedHere’s an example of what I mean. This stunning range is designed and manufactured in France. The price definitely puts it in the “luxury” category. It’s much pricier sibling is custom-designed and hand-tooled. Does it do anything other quality dual-fuel ranges can’t do? Probably not. But who can deny that the bonds we build while entertaining in our kitchens are unique in their warmth and authenticity? Installing a unique range might reflect a buyer’s commitment to those moments.

Another example I like is the use of manufactured quartz countertops. One of the top trends interior designers are reporting is the choice of quartz over other kitchen and bath surfaces. While I naturally lean towards the most natural, I 15966002_608611292672660_6868232574638607914_n-editedhave a new appreciation for the beauty and wear of manufactured products. Quartz manufacturers are no longer just trying to imitate stone slabs. Cambria has such a cool product waiting for a patent that we weren’t allowed to photograph it.  This, from a competing manufacturer, is an example of some forward-looking design options for someone who prioritizes ease and durability.

The “extras” people might choose are expressions of priorities and personality. If convenience is important, you can wire your house to turn on the shower, monitor the weather report while managing the sprinkler system, or set the mood lighting to direct your meditation. If you are concerned about energy efficiency, new products and technologies address climate, lighting, and water use so you know you are in control of your consumption. If you are a wine collector, installing a conditioned cellar beneath your floor is a fun and dramatic option. If you are concerned about security, you can install invasion-resistant doors and windows or an underground bomb shelter. If serenity is a goal, you can start your morning with a warm summer rain and ground your living spaces with natural surfaces, lovely fireplaces, easy access to outdoor spaces, or soothing water features.  Let us build your nest. And your fortress. And your tableau. The options are endless. The blisters on my feet prove that.


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