Luxury Libraries

Libraries are one of my favorite rooms to plan in a new home. A lot of times clients either want to combine them with an office or bedroom, but occasionally we get to work with a serious bookworm who wants a room just for their most treasured tomes.

Here are our top 5 tips for creating the most luxurious library experience.

1. Plentiful, comfortable seating

Every great library is set up with a lot of comfy seating. For the best experience, be sure to offer a variety of seating types to accommodate the many positions readers like to assume. Include a comfortable chair that promotes good posture for long engagements with deep literature, add a space to lounge for fanciful dives into fantasy, and don’t forget a chair and table for serious investigations.

Built in benches are a great way to include spacious seating and storage. Talk with your architect or designer early on about your visions for the library to find good ways to add in built in options.

2. Well placed lighting

Good lighting makes a world of difference. Avoid harsh glares and energy sapping brightness by planning recessed, pendant, and track lighting with your architect or contractor. Having electrical access in just the right places will prevent unsightly cords from taking up space in your sanctuary. Go for soft, warm, diffused lighting in several locations rather than one solution that lights up the whole room.

3. Safe and secure shelving

Be sure that all your shelving is securely fastened or “built in” to the walls. This is especially important for families with kids. An expert carpenter should know to do this, but it never hurts to communicate your concerns about safety during the install process.

4. Structural Support

Books are heavy. A lot of books….a library of books are REALLY heavy. Make sure your builder knows about the placement and scale of the library you have in mind so that they are able to ensure the greatest structural integrity possible for the space. It is important that your floor and flooring material is able to adequately bear the weight.

5. Windows, windows, windows

Traditionally, many historic libraries were dungeon-like. Built without windows and designed in deep masculine colors. This doesn’t have to be the case in your home. Lots of windows bring a comfortable and bright natural light to the space lighten up the visual weight of the books. Besides, who doesn’t love day dreaming while pondering the natural beauty of the great outdoors?

These are just a few of the libraries we love. For lots more inspiration check out our Pinterest board, built just for bibliophiles.

Tell us what you think! What would your library fall flat without?