Kid Approved Play Areas

Play areas for kids can be some of the most exciting rooms we build. Often times clients will come to us with amazingly creatives ideas and we are always all too happy to work them into our plans. A great playroom will keep a family (not just the kids!) entertained for years and provide a serious statement piece in the home. We often get asked about how these specialty rooms and custom installations affect resale values of homes, and most of the time, really exciting pieces like a fabulous play area contribute to the luxury feel of the house, but for maximum impact on value, make sure all the features in your custom room are impeccably crafted, but also removeable.

When it comes to the term “removable”, we encourage every family to talk with their builder about what it means. For us, we can create indoor playhouses and climbing objects that look and feel “built in” but can easily be deconstructed later. A padded floor, or architectural nooks and crawl spaces are less easily taken out.

We’ve come up with these 4 “must have” features in a spectacular playroom.

Chalkboard Walls

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 17.47.41

As parents (and fashionably sensitive homeowners) there is little we fear more than our kids coloring on the walls. The idea is really enough to make even the strongest stomachs turn. Just like most things with kids though, if you give them space to be creative, they can learn to take responsibility for their actions and confine their “artistry” to just one acceptable area. Enter the chalkboard wall. It’s the ultimate rainy day activity and lets your little one express his/her individuality by making a room their own.

Although chalkboard paint comes in a variety of colors, the iconic black finish will help younger kids understand where they can and can’t scribble. As an added bonus, a wall to wall chalk board alleviates the need for further decor in that area, making it super kid friendly and easy on concerned parents.

Really Big Bean Bags

Bean bags went out of style a while ago, but they’re back, and in a big way. A modern play area has to have one and the bigger they are the better. Vast and cozy bean bags lighten up space by making it more youthful and fun, plus, they save your regular furniture from the wear and tear of the kid’s games.

Loads of Built In Storage

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 17.51.39

Every good playroom needs a ton of built in storage. The advantage that built ins have over wardrobe style, or bookshelf style storage is that the kids can’t knock them down and they give any room a timeless dose of elegance which will last long after the kids move out.

Modern Teepees

Teepees are the Fisher Price play kitchen for the modern family. For all those parents who want to encourage imaginative play but have banished plastic from their kid’s rooms…get a teepee. We love them mostly because they serve as a gorgeous visual element in any room and inspire whimsy and cheer….but also because they’re fun!

What do you think? What elements of a playroom can’t you live without? Tell us in the comments and use the hashtag #LCHplayrooms on Pinterest for a chance to be featured in our October design awards!